About us

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Everyday at  HEMS is like a blessing with the active students and talented staff members around.

Purushottam Poudel, Director (HEMS)

Mission Statement

International students have right to have genuine information/advice on higher
education or tertiary qualification to pursue their career in Australia or other
countries. Our mission is to provide the information honestly and ethically to
make the right decision by students to achieve their goal.

Front Office


Hope’s vision is to create a transparent and trustworthy environment. Also
assist our students through their journey overseas.


Our aims include:
1)Create direct network with international education institutes and recruitment
organizations to provide better options for the students.
2) Engage every learner in challenging opportunities appropriate to their needs.
3) Provide a tutoring network, which identifies current trends and disseminates
4) Offer a forum which stimulates research in the discipline.
5) Facilitate greater public awareness of our recruitment partners among prospective
students, parents, academics and recruiters.


1)Assist and direct the students with prospects in helping pursue higher education in
foreign countries remaining within the legal considerations created by the government of
2) Develop an intermediary relation between the students and international institutions and
help to achieve the targeted goal.
3) Provide complete information and suggestions to the students through our counseling
officers acknowledging the personal profile details.
4) Make sure that the quality s service is provided to the service seekers.
5) Contribute to the nation in collecting revenue by the creation of employment
opportunities to the prospective students.
6) Make sure the information given to the students is truthful, genuine and reliable.
7) Counsel the students regarding the interrelation between the course selection and quality
attainment considering the socioeconomic perspective.


Well acquainted with the importance of the leadership by a scholarly manger.
1) A reputed and trusted history.
2) Directly represents more than 20 universities in Australia.
3) Directs its activities as per the Migration Code of Conduct.
4) Membership with ECAN.
5) Assists in changing the status of the students and legitimate changing of their colleges as

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