Bachelor of Business

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In Australia, the three-year Bachelor of Business program is open to students from the Science, Arts, and Commerce disciplines. It covers every facet of monitoring and controlling corporate activities. While BBA and Bachelor of Business share nearly the same curriculum and scope, BBA only covers a small portion of what is covered in Bachelor of Business. It is both a full-time and correspondence option at Australian universities.

For most top colleges in Australia, applicants must have completed math and English in grade 12 in order to be considered for this program. Some Australian universities, however, do not have such minimal standards. The annual tuition for the best universities in Australia that offer a bachelor’s degree in business ranges from 14,000 to 46,000 AUD. Compared to you, the average salary offered to international students in Australia after they graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business is more than twice as much. After graduation, an individual typically makes around 110,000 AUD annually.


Why Study the Bachelor of Business in Australia?

International students favor studying in Australia because of the country’s distinctive educational environment, which emphasizes creativity and original thought. Graduates from this nation gain positions at prestigious companies all over the world. Here are some justifications for choosing to pursue a Bachelor of Business in Australia:

  • Among the 100 Universities ranked by “Times Higher University Rankings”, 5 universities are Australian that offer a bachelor’s degree in business.
  • As per QS Global Rankings 2021, five B-schools in Australia have been ranked among the top 100 business schools in the world
  • International students can choose to stay back in Australia after Bachelor of Business and continue higher studies.
  • Bachelor of Business graduates can work in the field of executive management and change. It is the second highest paid sector in Australia with average salary of 111,000 AUD per annum.
  • Australian government has invested over 300 million AUD in scholarships for international students. 

Bachelor of Business in Australia: Top Universities

According to QS World University Rankings, 2022, following are the top universities offering 3 year Bachelor of Business degree in Australia: 

QS Ranking, 2022UniversityProgramTotal Course Fee (AUD)
37University of MelbourneBCom in Business134,268 
27Australian National University (ANU)Bachelor of International Business138,240 
38University of SydneyBCom: Business Information System, Business Analytics, International Business132,000 
47University of QueenslandBachelor of Business Management126,816 
43University of New South Wales (UNSW)BCom in International Business134,640 
58Monash UniversityBachelor of Business135,000 
108University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Business Management; Bachelor of Business (Global); Bachelor of International Business

213Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Bachelor of Business 106,200 
436University of CanberraBachelor of Business96,900 
133University of Technology Sydney (UTS)Bachelor of Business114,192 

Bachelor of Business in Australia: Admission Process

Academic or non-academic requirements must be met by applicants for a Bachelor of Business in order to gain admission to the program. For admission to Bachelor of Business programs, most universities use the same processes as for BBA programs in Australia.

Application Documents for Bachelor of Business in Australia Admission

The important documents required to be submitted to the selected universities in Australia for bachelor in Business program are as follows: 

  • All academic record with clear demonstration of subjects and marks obtained.
  • Official certificates of the completion of secondary education.
  • Official ID including birth certificate, citizenship documents, or passport, which will be mandatory if admission is approved in the college.
  • Financial affidavit stating that you can afford the study cost.
  • Applicants with experience should submit their resume/ CV and their current statement of employment.
  • Proof of English language proficiency.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Business in Australia

Following are some of the basic eligibility criteria for international students to study Bachelor of Business in Australia:

  • Age of the student must be 17 years at the time of admission.
  • Successfully completed an equivalent Australian year 12 
  • Indian Students must provide proof of CBSE/ICSE/GCE A level/Senior Secondary Education Certificates
  • IELTS, TOEFL, or other tests specified by the university to demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

Minimum scores required for admission to Bachelor of Business offered by top universities of Australia are as follows: 

UniversityAcademic RequirementMinimum IELTS RequirementMinimum TOEFL Requirement
University of Melbourne82% with English and Mathematics6.5iBT: 76
Australian National UniversityMathematics6.5

PBT: 570;

iBT: 80

University of SydneyNo minimum requirement7.0

iBT: 96; 

PBT: 592

University of Queensland67.5% overall; 33% in Mathematics and English6.5

iBT: 87;

PBT: 570

University of New South Wales (UNSW)Mathematics7.0

iBT: 94;

PBT: 589

Monash University60% with Maths and English6.5iBT: 79
University of Adelaide70% overall6.5

iBT: 79;

PBT: 577

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)65% in best five subjects (2 languages and 3 academic subjects)6.5

iBT: 79

University of CanberraNo minimum requirement6.0
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)No minimum requirement6.579

Australian Student Visa for International Students

Australian student visas are submitted online through Immigration Account. 

  • Students have to pay a basic fee of $413 in order to complete the visa application process. 
  • The overall student visa acceptance rate is 90%-95% for all the levels of study.

Australian Student Visa depends on international students depending upon the duration of the course. Students must be enrolled at a CRICOS registered Australian University. Documents required for application are:

  • Passport/ Birth Certificate
  • COE (Confirmation of Enrolment)/ Offer Letter
  • OSHC (Overseas Health Cover)/ Insurance
  • Evidence of Financial Capacity for 12 months stay and return airfare (Minimum $20,000 excluding Tuition costs)
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Proof

Australian Student Visa acceptance rate for various sectors are: 

  • Higher Education: 23%
  • Vocational and Educational Training: 33.9%
  • ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students): 48.10%

Bachelor of Business in Australia: Cost of Study

Pre-admissions and post-admissions charges will be the two main categories of costs when studying abroad. Application fees, ELP test fees, travel expenses to Australia, visa fees, and other expenses are included in the pre-admissions cost. Tuition at the university will be one of the biggest expenses after acceptance. Other costs will include lodging, transportation, daily living, etc.

Pre-arrival Cost

Pre-arrival or pre-admissions costs are mostly one-time expenses. Some of your major expenses incurred pre-admissions are given below:

ExpansesCost (in AUD)
Application Fee50-100 ( University dependent)
Visa Fee620
TOEFL235 – 370
Health Insurance438

Bachelor of Business in Australia: Tuition Fees

Among prestigious universities in Australia, University of Canberra and Queensland University of Technology charge the least per year for a Bachelor of Business degree. The cost of attending the program in Australia is depicted in the following chart:

Tuition Fees

Cost of Living in Australia

According to Australian government regulations, an overseas student’s annual cost of living, excluding tuition, is roughly 20,000 AUD. According on the type and the city, it is also estimated that a cost of 90 AUD to 440 AUD/week may be associated with lodging in Australia.

Accommodation TypeWeekly Cost (in AUD)
Hostels and Guesthouses90 – 150
Shared Rental95 – 215
On-Campus110 – 280
Homestay235 – 325
Rental185 – 440


Bachelor of Business in Australia: Scholarships

Numerous scholarships for international students in Australia are offered by Australian universities to help international students with their financial needs. These awards, which top universities have given to Bachelor of Business students, are listed below:

University of MelbourneCommerce Achievement Scholarship24,000 AUD
Australian National UniversityBusiness and Economics of India; Excellence Scholarship;
Business and Economics; International Undergraduate Scholarship
10,000 AUD/year;
100% international fee tuition waiver for the duration of the program
University of QueenslandUQ Economics India Scholarship50% of the tuition fees
Monash UniversityMonash International Merit Scholarship;
MRS Queer Leadership Scholarship
10,000 AUD/year;
Up to 3500 AUD/year
University of AdelaideGlobal Citizens Scholarship;
Global Academic Excellence Scholarship
15%-30% tuition fee waiver;
50% tuition fee waiver
University of CanberraUniversity of Canberra International Course Merit Scholarship;
International High Achiever Scholarship
25% tuition fee waiver;
20% tuition fee waiver

For more scholarships in Australia, click here

Bachelor of Business in Australia Placements

Jobs in emerging industries like business analysis, commercial law, accounting, communications, event management, finance, entrepreneurship, international business, management, marketing, or public relations are abundant for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business in Australia.

Following are the available jobs in Australia for Bachelor of Business graduates: 

DesignationJob DescriptionAverage Annual Salary (AUD)
Business AnalystExecuting market and business analysis. Outlining problems, opportunities & solutions for a business.106,000
Advertising ProfessionalStructure and coordinate advertising strategies and campaigns, identify and develop market opportunities for new and existing goods and services80,200
Human Resource ManagerOrganize, plan, direct, control and coordinate human resource and workplace relations within organizations1,30,000
Market Research AnalystDecide the market for new goods and services, develop advertising plans for the best reach out.1,10,000
EconomistTo do economic research & analysis, give advice on economic issues, structure and apply theories for production and distribution of goods & services.85,666

After completing their bachelor’s degree in business, students can choose to continue their education at the graduate level, which will advance their skills and career opportunities. Here are some reasons to continue your education:

  • Australian MBA graduates are among the world’s best-paid according to QS top MBA report.
  • Second-highest salaries (115,600 AUD per annum) in the world, just below Switzerland graduates.
  • The domestic markets in Australia are steady and robust, sectors like real estate and the tourism sector are always on the rise. 

Some of the popular career options for a graduate with an MBA in Australia:

DesignationsAvg. Salary in USD
Account Executive70,968
Business Consultant50,074
Finance Manager134,396
Marketing Manager100,000
Product Manager1,13,907
Sales Manager1,03,522

The excellent Bachelor of Business program in Australia accepts overseas students who are pursuing any combination of math and English in class 12. The three-year curriculum offers outstanding employment opportunities and competitive pay to overseas students. Now that you are aware of what a bachelor’s degree in business entails, as well as the potential job paths and post-graduation options, you can make an informed decision about whether to apply.


Ques. Which universities provide the best business courses in Australia?

Ans. Some of the top universities in Australia that offer a Bachelor of Business degree are University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and University of New South Wales.

Ques. What is the cost of pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Australia?

Ans. The annual cost of tuition for a bachelor’s degree in business varies from 14,000 to 46,000 Australian dollars. Additionally, international students must pay their annual living expenses, which come to around 20,000 AUD.

Ques. How can I get admission in Bachelor of Business in Australia?

Ans. Students can enroll in the Bachelor of Business program in Australia from the Arts, Science, and Commerce streams. Some universities have a senior secondary school English and mathematics requirement.

Ques. What is the duration of Bachelor of Business in Australia?

Ans. A full-time Bachelor of Business in Australia takes three years to complete.

Ques. What is the scope after pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Australia?

Ans. After earning your Bachelor of Business in Australia, you can find employment as a business analyst, advertising professional, human resource professional, market research analyst, etc. The typical salary offered is 90,000 AUD annually.