Bachelor of IT

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The top program in Australia for both domestic and foreign students is the 3-year Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) degree. According to analysts and statistics, the demand for IT graduates in Australia will grow even more in the upcoming years as a result of the worldwide IT market.

One of the most popular degrees for foreign students in Australia is IT. IT and software engineers are in high demand both in Australia and abroad.

The best IT universities in Australia, the average cost of studying IT there, Australian scholarships for international IT students, jobs in the IT sector in Australia after completing a bachelor’s degree, and other information are all included in this student guide.

Competent IT experts have many prospects in the Australian economy. As a result, among the subjects of study sought after by foreign students in Australia is IT.

Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT) degrees are the way to go if you have a strong interest for technology and want to advance in your job.

Why Study Bachelors of IT in Australia?

A bachelor’s degree in IT will prepare you to be technically astute, imaginative, and competent in Australia. Additionally, earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology and working in the field can lead to permanent residency in Australia.

  • Most universities will offer you an internship as part of these programs. These hands-on IT internships in Australia are in line with the most recent technologies, and they are followed by IT job placement in Australia.
  • Additionally, almost all Australian colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s degrees in information technology are accredited by the Australian Computer Society. ACS guarantees high standards in education and widespread acceptance of degrees earned.
  • As a graduate of information technology, you may anticipate opportunities and growth given the use and advancement of information technologies in every industry. Additionally, overseas students with bachelor’s degrees in IT can readily find jobs thanks to the IT Professional Year Program (PYP).
  • In Australia, IT graduates can earn a 6 figure salary per year.
  • There are plenty of IT specializations in Australia like IT-Information Systems, IT-Big Data, IT-Artificial Intelligence, IT-Cyber Security and so on.

Besides the outstanding course, and career scope, studying this course also makes you more eligible for PR in Australia. 

Best Universities for Bachelors in IT in Australia

Australian educational institutions provide a variety of IT courses with the goal of developing competent labor in the sector. The following will give you a hint as to which university in Australia is the finest for information technology.

In order to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information and technology in Australia, international students have a wide range of locations, universities, and specialties to select from.

The majority of students are discovered to be looking for bachelor’s programs in information and technology in Sydney, Melbourne, and other places.

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) Global Rankings 2020 for Computer Science, Australia is home to eight of the top 100 universities and colleges in the world. For international students, they provide high-quality educational opportunities and scholarships.

QS Ranking 2021University
39University of Melbourne
50University of Sydney
51Australian National University (ANU)
59University of New South Wales, Sydney
75University of Technology, Sydney
76Monash University
99University of Adelaide
107University of Queensland
132Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
141RMIT University, Melbourne

These colleges and universities offer IT-related bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, and graduation programs that can be tailored to the interests of the students. In general, 24 subjects total—10 core, 8 major, and 6 elective—are required for an IT bachelor’s degree.

Best IT course in Australia for International Students

The top Bachelor in IT courses in Australia include:

  1. Web and app development
  2. Computer network
  3. ICT business
  4. System analysis
  5. Software development
  6. Database management
  7. E-commerce
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. Artificial Intelligence
  10. Information system

In Australia, some universities offer part-time bachelor’s in IT programs, but the majority of these programs are three- or four-year full-time programs. Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs in information technology are prepared to enter the workforce with the essential technical knowledge and skills.

Bachelor of information technology fees in Australia

Want to enroll in an undergraduate IT program and are wondering how much an information and technology bachelor’s degree will set you back in Australia.

Whatever degree level you enroll in, the total cost for an international student includes travel expenses, living expenses abroad, and tuition fees.

These are the standard international tuition rates for bachelor’s degrees in information technology in Australia.

UniversityAnnual Fee (AUD)
Australian National University (ANU)40000-48000
University of Queensland40000-45000
Monash University40000-43000
University of Adelaide40000-42000
RMIT University30000-35000
University of Wollongong30000-35000
Swinburne University of Technology30000-32000

It should not be overlooked that the cost of tuition varies depending on the location, the university, the program, and the degree type you select. You should therefore check the website for more accurate information on study costs once you’ve decided on the university where you’ll pursue a bachelor’s degree in information technology.

General Eligibility for Bachelors of Information Technology in Australia

To get enrolled on the bachelors of IT in Australia, students must have:

Academic requirement to study IT in Australia for International students

  • Passed 10+2 or equivalent board with minimum 60% (Mathematics is compulsory in most universities)

IELTS Requirement to study IT in Australia for International Students

  • acceptable English language proficiency test results in accordance with institution requirements (TOEFL-80 with a minimum of 20 in Reading and Writing & 18 in Speaking and Listening; IELTS-6.5 with 6 in each component; PTE-64, with least 55 in each section)

Apply for bachelors of IT in Australia

You proceed to the following step and apply for the course once you have chosen which Australian institution you wish to attend for your bachelor of information and technology degree.

It’s crucial to be knowledgeable about the program duration, study costs, academic requirements, and course syllabus prior to submitting an application for admission. You will need to submit the following paperwork while applying:

  • Copy Citizenship ID card
  • 10th Marksheet and character certificate
  • 12th Marksheet, transcript, and character certificate.
  • LOR(Letter of Recommendation)- not mandatory
  • SOP(Statement of Purpose)
  • Certificate of award or scholarship (if sponsored from home country)
  • Proof of finances to bear the tuition fee
  • Copy of Passport.
  • IELTS/ TOEFL iBT/PTE score proof

Affordable IT universities/colleges in Australia for international students

These are some of the universities in which students can study for Bachelors of IT with lower tuition fees. Almost all of these Australian IT universities and institutions have 3-year bachelor’s degree.

Cheap IT universities in AustraliaAverage fees per year in AUD
Victoria University$30,000
Torrens University$26,000
Federation University$25,000
Southern Cross University$26,000
Charles Sturt University$29,696
Central Queensland University$32,112
Melbourne Polytechnic$17520
King’s own Institute$14,500
Kent Institute$17,000

Scholarships for bachelors in information technology in Australia

For international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology in Australia, universities and colleges offer a wide range of scholarships and awards.

For those who want to study in Australia, many of these scholarship programs provide a sizeable lump sum payment, educational subsidies, or living expenses.

Australian universities offer a variety of general and targeted scholarships for IT bachelor’s degree candidates, including:

1. Royal Greenhills Institute of Technology International Scholarship

2. Academic Excellence Scholarships at RMIT University

3. ANU Chancellor’s International University

4. Undergraduate International College Scholarship at Macquarie University

5. Swinburne University’s X LinkendIN International Award

6. Monash International Scholarship

7. Information Technology International Merit Scholarship at Monash University

8. International Merit Scholarship

 Job Opportunities after bachelors in Information Technology in Australia

International students can expect a wide range of fields and roles as an IT graduate.

Some reviews and research have listed some IT skills deficit in the job market in Australia. Below listed are the top IT skills in demand in the country:

  • Project managers
  • Cloud engineers and cloud architect
  • Network engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Cyber Security specialists/experts
  • IT experts
  • Business Analyst
  • End-user support professionals

Despite the current demands, your ability to find work depends on the degree of education you attain. It also relies on the workplace and business you choose.

The technology capital of Australia is thought to be Melbourne. More over half of the top 20 technology companies in Australia are there. With over 8000 businesses including some international ones like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, etc., Victoria has a sizable ICT industry.

As a software developer, system analyst, database analyst, internet developer, IT manager, etc., you could work for any of these businesses or others.

As was already stated, IT studies allow you flexibility. Graduates have the option of working for private businesses, the public sector, or even as independent contractors.

Australian IT professionals make between 50,000 and 130,000 AUD annually.