What people say

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Bibek Adhikari

"Found out about hope education from a friend, now I'm here in Australia with good grades and a good salary. Thank you HEMS."


Rachana Shrestha

"I want to thank HEMS for their commitment in finding the right path for me. Every bit of advice was useful."

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Susan sapkota

"Got the golden chance to study in Australia and build my career, I wouldn't have gotten this chance without HEMS."

Other reviews

"Opportunity comes once in a lifetime, for me it was when I joined HEMS for studying in Australia. Today I am about to get my Permanent Residence."
Kamal Sapkota
"The decision to choose the right University was my biggest decision in life and it was through HEMS that I could do it, without HEMS I wouldnot be here."
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Raju Poudel
Software engineer
"Studying abroad has become a trend today and HEMS is keeping up with the trend. Thank you HEMS for helping us and keeping the dream alive."
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Sanyog Regmi
Graphics Designer